Stop getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals - beintentful

Intentful adj. 1. Marked by having an aim or purpose and a plan to fulfill.

Simplify complexity

Science over assumption

Intentful action

Lasting outcomes

Internationally recognized creative leader with twenty years of experience guiding organizations to embrace emerging technology and deliver world-class solutions to customers. Diverse industry expertise working globally with technology leaders to deliver Organizational Change, Digital Experiences, Interaction Design, Human-Centered Design, and Social/Behavioral Research.

Meghan started beintentful with the single goal of helping businesses and teams learn and embrace human-centered design practices. Applying them to build better products that continue to solve the right needs at the right times for customers.

She most recently built and implemented the design team and CX Coach model for Spark NZ agile transformation and makes the best practices of global technology leaders such as Intel Labs and Hewlett Packard accessible to all businesses and individuals.