Customer needs are always changing. We are only halfway through 2020, and we know the world will never be the same. Keep your business one-step-ahead with these 5 post-Covid customer experience trends.

1. Simple As Design

Having spent lock-down organizing, sorting, and purging consumers are done with complexity and noise. As a result, winning designs post covid will focus on simplicity. Messaging and labeling should be clear and bold, and go to colors are all about the happiness of bright pastels and color blocking.

Considered Consumerism

2. Considered Consumerism

Consumers know what they buy matters recent droughts, fires and economic instability has consumers looking for brands with substance. They will lean-in to brands that offer strong, social conscious, and well-communicated values. Having a strong ethos will set you apart from competitors.

Science Trumps

3. Science Trumps

Consumers find confidence in science forward products. Not wanting clutter drawers and closets with products that don’t work, consumers are looking for evidence to back product claims. So don’t be afraid to get a little nerdy when it comes to backing your product claims.

4. Intentional Interactions

We may have gone all-in on digital, but consumers crave connections. By using micro-interactions and animations, you can create engagement and bring personality to your digital channels.

5. Social Shines

Despite any fake news you might have heard. Social media is the new shop window. Step up your social media marketing with videos and engaging content to stay connected with your customers by getting creative.

Uncertain times do not have to equal uncertain business. By keeping your eye on trends and customer needs, you can not only maintain but grow your customer base and build loyalty.

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